22nd ISSS Congress 2017
Innsbruck - Austria, April, 17th - 23rd 2017

The Congress Location

The ISSS 2017 Congress will take place at the Department of Sport Science at the Campus Sport of the University of Innsbruck.

The Campus Sport is in walking distance to the International Airport Innsbruck and can be reached easily with the public transport line F directly from the Main Railway Station of Innsbruck.

Innsbruck is easily accessible from all directions either by air, by train or motorways and it has excellent connections with the rest of Europe and the world. There are several daily direct flights to Frankfurt and Vienna and from other European capitals, such as London.

Please consult the following links in order to get more information on the congress location:

City Map of Innsbruck with University buildings and public transport lines => City Map of Innsbruck

Map of the Conference Venue (Campus Sport) of the University of Innsbruck => Map of the Conference Venue